Tug of War


Community Teams Tug of War
Tournament Play

● Players must be 18 years of age or older, or have written release signed by parent
● Teams must have a minimum of 4 Players
● $50 entry fee per team
● IMPORTANT: all players must sign the release form at the sign-in desk before they can play
● Teams may obtain sponsors if desired
● Cash pot for the winner’s team!! (use this to make money for your favorite charity, First
Responder’s group, or sports team, or just keep it!)

● A Tug-of War match is comprised of 2 teams with 5 players on each team
● If two competing teams do not have equal number of players, we will ask both teams to
even out the number of players with the numerically smaller team’s roster.
● The minimum number of players a team can have on their roster is 4 players.
● A match begins when the teams have grabbed the rope, the referee centers the rope, and
yells the word “Pull!”
● All players must be standing and on their feet during a match. Sitting and pulling is not
● Players may not wrap the rope around any part of their body.
● Players may not shake the rope during a match.
● Each Tug of War match will last no more than 3 minutes.
● Match is timed – if there is a tie the team with the least amount of time wins.
● A match ends on the referee’s whistle and the winner is the team that pulls their
o Rope marker across the center line
o Rope marker closest to the center line at the end of the 3-minute time period

Miscellaneous Information:
● 75’ long rope
● Team may weigh no more than 1110 pounds combined

Mail forms to Flora Community Club 4E Main St Flora, IN 46929

Checks payable to Flora Community Club

Email Questions to Marcy Robledo at marcy@floracommunityclub.org