Moonlight Madness 2015 – Wrap Up!


First off, let us congratulate the winners of our contests!

Corn Hole Competition
(Sponsored by Q Graphics)
WINNER: “Shut Your Pie Hole”
(Adam Yeakley and Kyle Burger)
$100 prize!
Savory Soup Contest
(Sponsored by Wheeler Family Funeral Home)
WINNER: Janice Johnson
with her Stuffed Pepper Soup
$50 prize!
Moonbeam Baby Contest**
(Sponsored by the Flora Community Club)
WINNER: Lynnon Mills
(parents: Brandon and Stephanie Mills)
All participants received a stuffed animal.
Watch for Lynnon in the Christmas Parade!
Taco Eating Contest
(Sponsored by Nacho Mama’s)
WINNER: Brian Johnson
10 Free Tacos per month for an entire year!
Pumpkin Decorating Contest
(Sponsored by Fringe Nail and Hair Salon)
Category: Carved Pumpkin
1st Place: Rachel Morgan (Vomiting Pumpkin)
2nd Place: Shelby Forrest (Cinderella Carriage)

Category: Painted/Decorated
1st Place: Marlana Rose (Angry Face Pumpkin)
2nd Place: Kira Pullen (Zombie Face Pumpkin)

$50 to the 1st Place Winners
$20 Fringe Hair and Nail Salon Gift Certificates to 2nd Place Winners

 ** Special Note: $300 for local scholarships was raised by our
2015 Moonbeam babies!



Click on the first photo – when it pops up, hover over it with your mouse and forward (and backward) arrows will appear so that you can click through the entire series.