Event and Education Center


Carroll County Education & Event Center (CCEEC)

A unique community space for training, meetings, receptions,
large group events, and more!sunflower-plant-2

The Carroll County Purdue Extension Office is on the east side of the building.  (map)

The CCEEC has spaces available for rent by community groups and individuals.

Rental Space for Events and Educational Programs

Park Floorplan Public Space

The 4-H Building and Exhibit Hall located in the Flora Community park has undergone a major remodeling and building edition. The new Education and Event Center includes:

· A 40-seat high-tech learning center.

· Two large-group spaces, each with a capacity of 100 people, or a combined capacity of 200 with the separating wall retracted.

· A commercial kitchen adjacent to one of the large-group spaces.

Host Your Next Event at the CCEEC!

The Learning Center and Large Group spaces (including the commercial kitchen) are available to the public with basic rental rates.

CCEEC Rental Brochure 2017-02-08

CCEEC Rental Application and Agreement 2018-09-28

CCEEC Rental Calendar (Purdue Extension Office)

Rental and custodial fees are not calculated by which space(s) you are renting, except that the commercial kitchen is a separate rental with a separate fee.

Learning Center Capabilities

·High-speed internet access with wireless and ethernet connections

·Classroom space with presentation wall and multimedia capabilities.

·40-seat classroom tables with power outlets for media and computer devices