2017 Bear Hollow Wood Carvers Silent Auction


Submit your bid to:  FloraCommunityClub@gmail.com


Item 1:  $100.00, $152.78

Item 2: $125.00, $155.89 $165.00

Item 3: $100.00 $125.00

Item 4:  $305.00 $320.00

Last update:  July 29, 2017, 12:05 pm

  • Winning bidders will be contacted by email on Monday, July 31.  
  • Carvings must be paid in full at time of pickup
  • Carvings must be claimed and paid in full no later than Saturday, August 5, or the bid is forfeit.


Bear Hollow Wood Carvers are at the Carroll County 4H Fair!  The Flora Community Club is conducting a silent auction for each of the four carvings.  

Photos below, and the items are on display at the Open Class Building through Friday, and at the Flowers & Friends Store (12 W Columbia Street) until close of auction.

Silent Auction  Rules:

Submit your bid via email to:  FloraCommunityClub@gmail.com
Minimum Bid:
  • $100 for Items #1, #2, and #3
  • $250 for Item #4
Bid form: For each bid, include:

  • Item #
  • Your name
  • Amount of Bid
Bidding ends: NOON Saturday, July 29, 2017
Payment and pickup:  No later than Saturday, August 5, 2017, at NOON
Final Results: Posted at NOON Saturday, July 29. Determination of the winning bids by the Flora Community Club is final.

Bid as often as you like – Bids will be updated and posted here at least twice daily (approximately NOON and 6:oo pm).  If bidding is active, updates will be posted more frequently.

Winning Bid items not paid for in full and picked up by Noon on  August 5 will be awarded to the next highest bidder.